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  • Business manager

    Job responsibilities

    1、Responsible for international sea and air transportation business、Trailer and customs declaration business,Collect market information、Understand market demand and dynamics;

    2、Rely on corporate resources、Follow up existing business,Maintain customer relations,Maintain the good relationship and communication between customers and the company;

    3、Through the phone、Wechat、Mail、WhatsAppPractice new customers in other ways,Establish long-term cooperative relationship;

    4、Customize a complete sea transport logistics service plan for customers;

    5、Assist in collecting accounts receivable。

    Work requirements

    1、 Above bachelor degree,Logistics/Trading/English and other related majors are preferred;Spoken english and writing pass。

    2、 With import and export、Storage、Distribution、Customs clearance、Basic knowledge such as supply chain management;

    3、 Have logistics、Foreign trade industry experience、Sales experience preferred;

    4、 Have strong communication and coordination ability,Stubborn,Strong sense of responsibility,Market analysis、Judgment ability,Customer service consciousness;

    5、 Skilled useOFFICE/EXCELWaiting for office software;

    6、 Actively face challenges,With independent analysis and ability to solve problems,Good pressure resistance。

    Corporate benefits

    1. 2-5Tianda salary leave;

    2. Once and above from irregular meals a week;

    3、Regularly organize various entertainment activities for employees,Birthday capital welfare、Anniversary activity, etc.;

    4. Enjoy a paid marriage leave、Maternity leave、Funeral leave;

    5. The company provides free system admission training for free,Provide business vehicles。

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